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Genital piercing is good sex

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Posted: Wednesday, October 17, 2012 12:00 am

As someone who happens to have quite a few piercings, people always assume I have some that are “hidden” below the belt. I don’t.

But that doesn’t mean I’m closed-minded about the topic. Like many, I’m open to discussing things I’ve never tried or experienced. But then again, a “private piercing” is something I’ve never considered.

Jasmine Zeboski, body piercer at The Exotic Body, said she’s seen almost everything done for the purpose of pleasing a partner.

“Primarily, the genital piercings are done between couples but there is the occasional customer who comes in solo because they’ve heard about a piercing,” Zeboski said. “Everyone I’ve talked to loved their piercing and there are a lot of really cool things they can do, stimulation-wise.”

Yes, it is a taboo topic and generally not for those who can’t stomach an explicit conversation about sex and the things people are willing to do to increase pleasure. But for those who are willing to explore their sexual desires and aren’t afraid of needles, a piercing may be something to consider.

“For girls, jewelry-wise, it’s really stimulating. For example, the vertical-clitoral-hood piercing. They pierce the skin around the clit and the rounded jewelry just being there is really smooth, comfortable and easily stimulated,” Zeboski said. “Guys, from what I’ve heard, getting a Prince Albert, which is normally a ring through the urethra is extremely stimulating, not only for them but for their partner as well.”

Having a private piercing is something a lot of people would be turned off to see, but that is only because it’s something that is normally regarded as a “whoreish” thing.

In high school, there were rumors a girl from another school let her boyfriend pierce her down below. Whether or not it was true, people thought of her as a slut. Maybe she and her man were just trying to take their sexual relationship to the next level. What peopled do in their own bedrooms should be their business, and no one else’s.

“Purpose-wise, for people, it makes them feel solid again. It’s a way for them to feel sexy after being dumped or a break-up. They want to come in and get a cool piercing to reclaim their bodies,” Zeboski said. “Obviously these piercing all feel good but they are also for aesthetic purposes. It’s cool-looking to them and then sexually arousing for their partners.”

I don’t understand why people are judged for what turns them on sexually. There shouldn’t be a stigma around something so natural and common that everyone does.

Simply put, if you are open-minded enough, consider a piercing. Worst case scenario: you hate it and take it out. Like any piercing, it’ll heal. But wouldn’t you want to try something that could increase sexual pleasure for you and your partner. It’s a good thing. That’s like saying lube is unwanted. Never!

If you already have a private piercing and want to take your body mods to a new level; there is a new modification that involves inserting bead-like pearls under the skin of a man’s shlong to create a ribbed effect. Note - this process was made popular in prisons.

Whatever you choose to do -pierce or not pierce- make sure you wash your junk. There is nothing that can turn someone off quicker than seeing your new piercing covered in crusty gunk.


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