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To cut or not to cut: does circumcision matter?

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Posted: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 12:00 am

Length and girth are no longer the main categories in determining the performance of a penis; let me introduce you to a new one: circumcision.

Circumcision was believed to prevent penile infection or disease, but a study done by the American Academy of Pediatricians found no absolute medical need for the procedure. Although the same study by the American Academy of Pediatricians did show those who are circumcised have a 60 percent lower chance of contracting and transmitting HIV than those who are not.

According to WebMD, two-thirds of newborn males are circumcised and although this practice has been around since Egyptian times, the practice of circumcision is dying out.

While some religions still hold true to the tradition, states many medical “societies have taken an impartial view” on the matter.

I had my first encounter with an uncircumcised man a few years back. Before then, I didn’t really know what to expect when confronted by one and was very naive. At the time I was dating him for about a month and was ready to take it to the next step.

Before that night, all we had done was kiss so it was like going zero to 60 in a matter of seconds. Before I knew it, his pants were off and he was sliding down his boxers. I was a little freaked out when I saw it for the first time - it looked like a little breakfast sausage.

He had to have known what I was thinking by my facial reaction because he looked at me like I was crazy. He had this wide - eyed stare that made me really awkward - it was like he was trying to peel off layers of my skin with his mind. He quickly looked away and explained he was uncircumcised.

Since then, I have found no difference between men who were circumcised or not. If a man knows how to use his body to please his partner, that’s all that matters.

A poll taken by the Hornet showed that seven out of 10 female Sac State students had no preference while the other three preferred circumcised.

Some men believe there is increased sensitivity when a penis is uncircumcised.

“For guys who are uncircumcised, having that little extra makes the tip more sensitive since it’s not exposed constantly,” said bartender Jon Delzer. “So sometimes it ‘pops’ a little quicker. “

Sensitivity plays a huge role in how long a sex session can last, and how many times a man is able to get it up in one day.

While a study by the department of urology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York found little difference in sensitivity between men who were circumcised and uncircumcised, it really comes down to the man.

“It depends on my partner’s sex drive, but for me - five minutes and I’m back in the saddle, “ said Delzer.

Another uncircumcised man I dated was the complete opposite of Hank. He was not shy about his body at all and took pride in knowing he was different than most males. He had stamina and strength and was incredible in bed. He blew any doubt I may have had of uncircumcised men out of the water.

Normally, society frowns upon the different, but this is a circumstance that should be embraced.

I feel there has always been a stigma around uncircumcised penises that made women fear them. I want to tear that down. Ladies, if you have any concerns, I suggest you drop them. Yes, uncircumcised may have been taboo back in the day when every male was circumcised but the times have changed. More men are uncircumcised and there is no shame in that.

If you are unsure - don’t be. You might find you enjoy a hot dog with a bun.


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Welcome to the discussion.


  • stewey2000 posted at 5:04 pm on Sun, Mar 24, 2013.

    stewey2000 Posts: 22

    As a circumcised male the lose of sensitivity idea has been something that has bothered me. You don't find out that you've had your dick cut on until later in life, and when I found out I also gained a very strong negative stance on the practice of circumcision. In regard to the sensitivity thing, I wonder sometimes if I'm just gonna have to miss out on what sex could be because of what my parents decided to do 20 something years ago to me that can't be undone. The idea of cutting on another persons body without their consent in a way that will affect a part of their lives as personal as sex and then doing it to your own child and call it ok flies in the face of every social rule, or moral rule, or concept of correctness I have. Circumcision is not ok, if later on guys want to do it to themselves thats fine, but parents don't have the right to have cosmetic surgery done on their children if their religion requires the cutting off of an ear lobe, or part of a finger, or the end of a nose everyone would realize the practice is barbaric.

  • Gary Harryman posted at 10:47 pm on Wed, Mar 20, 2013.

    Gary Harryman Posts: 1

    Ashley Jung gives smart advice. It may also be helpful to know some anatomical facts. What we call "male circumcision" amputates the mobile portion of the penis and thousands of the most specialized pressure-sensitive cells in the human body; Meissner’s corpuscles for light touch and fast touch, Merkel’s disc cells for light pressure and texture, Ruffini’s corpuscles for slow sustained pressure, skin tension, stretch, and slip, and Pacinian corpuscles for deep touch and vibration are found only in the tongue, lips, palms, nipples, fingertips, the clitoris, and the Ridged Band of the male foreskin. These remarkable cells process tens of thousands of information impulses per second! These are the cells that allow blind people to "see" Braille with their fingertips. Cut them off and it's like trying to read Braille with your elbow. Information from tactile sensitivity gives humans environmental awareness and control. With lack of awareness comes lack of control. Luckily, for those who have them, Nature has mandated that these four types of mechanoreceptors do not age-degrade like the rest of the body's cells. To say that amputation of the clitoris or the mobile roller-bearing-like portion of the natural penis and consequently thousands of these specialized nerve cell interfaces does not permanently sub-normalize one's natural capabilities and partially devitalize one's innate capacity for tactile pleasure is grossly illogical denial of the bio-mechanical and the somatosensory facts of human genital anatomy. The foreskin also forms an organic seal keeping natural lubricants inside the vagina during intercourse. Millions of years of trial and error evolutionary forces have synchronously engineered the human sex organs. The natural penis perfectly compliments the natural female body. Like some other organs and limbs, a man can live without it, but he's certainly better off with it – all of it. And so are his sexual partners.

  • TLCTugger posted at 10:18 pm on Wed, Mar 20, 2013.

    TLCTugger Posts: 1

    ^^ According to WebMD, two-thirds of newborn males are circumcised. ^^

    If they say that then WebMD is sampling something from the controlled substances locker.

    Over 90% of the world's families DO NOT circumcise newborns. In the US the infant rate is about 50/50, and only Israel's rate is higher.

  • Nameless posted at 4:34 pm on Wed, Mar 20, 2013.

    Nameless Posts: 1

    "Although the same study by the American Academy of Pediatricians did show those who are circumcised have a 60 percent lower chance of contracting and transmitting HIV than those who are not.

    According to WebMD, two-thirds of newborn males are circumcised and although this practice has been around since Egyptian times, the practice of circumcision is dying out."

    This is very misleading. The prevalence of circumcision is around 30% worldwide. Most of those are Jews and Muslims. There are no Western countries besides the US that routinely circumcises boys for non religious reasons.

    The studies linking reduced HIV transmission to circumcision have been heavily criticized. A few days ago, prominent European doctors, pediatricians and ethicists formally opposed the stance of the AAP on circumcision.

    Lastly, I think it's highly inappropriate that the sexual preferences of adults should factor in to whether or not a healthy child should have surgery. Imagine a man giving his daughter breast implants because he prefers fake breasts. Let the boy or girl choose if they want to modify their own body when they are old enough.


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